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pressure washing

Professional Pressure Washing Leaves Homes Looking Their Best

Cleaning a home, both inside and out, makes the property more attractive and comfortable to live in. However, cleaning siding, roofs, decks, and driveways is not something most homeowners are equipped to handle. To properly clean home exterior areas, a pressure washer is virtually a necessity. While anyone can purchase or rent a pressure washer, not everyone has the skills necessary to properly use the equipment. That’s why contacting the experts for help is so important. Professionals not only have the best equipment available, they know how to use it to properly maintain any home’s exterior surfaces.

Every surface needing cleaning has unique requirements. Decks, for example, require special handling to avoid damaging the wood. Roofs are very sensitive to the water pressure used and require special cleaners to effectively remove mildew and stains. Even driveways and garage floors take special handling to ensure they are cleaned without damaging the surface. Most big box store pressure washers, in the hands of inexperienced users, are likely to cause more problems than they solve.
Pressure Washing experts will provide the answers to some valuable questions. When discussing any powerwashing needs with a contractor, don’t be afraid to ask any questions, but be sure to ask:
  • Are you insured? Every contractor should carry liability insurance and be bonded to protect their clients.
  • Does your company carry workers compensation coverage? If workers are not covered, homeowners may be liable if an injury occurs on their property.
  • Do you have any professional certifications and are you a member of The Wood Restoration and Preservation Institute? Make sure any contractor hired has the expertise needed to properly clean any exterior surface.
  • What cleaning process do you use for each type of surface? Again, properly trained professionals understand different surfaces require unique strategies to properly clean them without damage.
  • Do you have references? Always ask for and check references prior to hiring any contractor.
Once the questions are satisfactorily answered, homeowners should be confident they’ve found a contractor they can trust.

For fence cleaning, deck cleaning, or any other building restoration and preservation services, contact an expert for help. The professionals will gladly provide the advice you need to understand how power washing works and how it can leave your home looking its best.